Noise Control

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Designed to accompany the new Open University course in Environmental Monitoring and Protection, this is one of four new titles which will equip the reader with the tools to undertake Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)

Discover our e-book series on Environmental Monitoring and Protection, published in partnership with The Open University! Find out more about the series editors, the titles in the series and their focus on water, noise, air and waste, and The Open University courses in Environmental Management

It considers noise propagation and attenuation, before leading on to assessment methods for both industrial and transport noise

It includes models for predicting sound levels both indoors and outdoors, and details methods for noise control and abatement

This book will cover the basic principles and concepts of sound and sound propagation, covering units, criteria and indices

Used in planning, decision-making and management, EIAs review both the theoretical principles and environmental considerations of engineering and environmental projects to help steer fundamental legislation in the right direction

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