The American Community College

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Praise for the Previous Edition of The American Community College «Projecting the future for the community colleges of the early twenty-first century involves projecting the future for the nation in general: its demographics, economy, and public attitudes...

Anyone who wants to understand these complex and dynamic institutions how they are evolving, the contributions they make, the challenges they face, the students they serve, and the faculty and leaders who deliver the services and the curricula will find The American Community College both essential reading and an important reference book. George R

At heart is a discourse on how the institutions may adapt historical structures and practices to a changing world, and how those changes may ultimately affect students, the community, and society at large. from the Conclusion, Toward the Future Since 1982, The American Community College by Cohen and Brawer has been the authoritative book on community colleges

Boggs, former president and CEO, American Association of Community Colleges I have been a community college president for over forty-one years and a graduate professor for three decades

Dassance, former president, Central Florida Community College

Hankin, president, Westchester Community College Cohen and Brawer's classic work is the touchstone for a comprehensive overview of the American community college

It has become the classic of the field because it has great 'take-home' value to us all. Joseph N

This book has been an inspiration to generations of students, faculty members, and administrators

This is a seminal book for graduate students as well as seasoned professionals for understanding this uniquely American institution. Charles R