Aiki Trading. Trading In Harmony With The Markets

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A great reference for all beginner traders

Aiki Trading will look at a robust method to understand what the market is doing in a specified timeframe

And he is currently the Resident Trainer with SGX Academy, and is based in Singapore.

Chapters are devoted to each of these three conditions, and the concepts are explained in depth

During his time in Stock-broking, Jeffery witnessed many cycles of boom and bust, including the 1987 meltdown in worldwide equity markets

During this time he developed new expertise in International Futures Markets and FX

Essentially, markets are either trending up, trending down, or is in sideways or range bound congestion

He was responsible for the content and presentation of CMC's educational programmes

In 1997, Jeffery joined Refco Singapore

In addition, specific trading strategies will be explored for the different market conditions

Jeffery joined CMC in April 2007

These strategies are what I define as high probability, low risk trading strategies that have higher probability of success because it conforms to the nature of how markets behave

With more than 25 years of experience in financial markets, Jeffery's stock market career began in 1977 with JM Sassoon and continued with Kim Eng Securities